by - March 16, 2017

Assalamualaikum and Good Evening readers!

It's been a while since my last post. Has it really been over three months since my last post?

Wow. Just wow.

Well, to be fair, I have been really busy with various responsibilities. But I'm back on the blogging wagon and ready to go full steam ahead! Toot toot! Totally 100% committed (read:maybe kot, since kerja aku sekarang ni pun dah sedikit kurang. Mungkin ! 😊

and did you know, Zalora gives me an opportunity to collaborate with them 😁.

Ok, I have been a bit slack with updating, but this honor is officially the motivation I need to update my blog more often. I probably have lots of new readers now and I can't let them down!

Wait ? Zalora ?

Yes, Zalora is the fastest growing retailer in Southeast Asia ( In case if you not yet heard about this online shopping website ツ )

So, apa lagi? Jom kita usha laman web online ni. Entri kali ni aku nak promote 3 smart casual untuk lelaki. Kalau korang pakai ni konfem jadi hensem, segak dan bergaya. Dan kalau perempuan pun boleh beli untuk bagi hadiah kepada ayah,suami,abang atau adik adik kat rumah ye!

Nak beli? Haaa Jom terjah  | Zalora |  sekarang. Jangan tunggu lagi, peluang di depan mata anda!


Men are often known for their simple styles but some do not have a clue on how to pull that simple outfit into a chic trendy look for a more fashionable appearance. It can be quite a dilemma but do not fret as you can take a look at the three smart casual look ideas that you can pull together without every feeling left out of the fashion circle.

1. Bermuda shorts  πŸ‘–

If you still want to remain dashingly handsome and simple chic, Bermuda shorts and a tee will be a perfect choice. You can match it with sandals for a smarter masculine approach and go about your days with confidence. Choose Bermuda shorts with colors such as camel, navy blue, white or green for that summer-like mood and catwalk in the streets with style.

Bermuda shorts
  *gambar edit tapi mcm tak edit sbb tak pandai

 2.Tank tops+ jeans + cardigan  πŸ‘•

This is definitely the opportunity to seize to wear those sexy tank tops and jeans. What man doesn’t look tough with this ensemble.Super simple yet timeless. Match the outfit with your favorite pair of sneakers (some men go with just flip flops), throw on that cardigan and strut around town. Gain countless head turns and attention from the ladies as this look will always make you look like a hunk.

Super Simply 

Simple and Timeless

 3. Jackets πŸ‘ž

Everyone knows that with a simple touch of layering your top with a jacket, it can transform even a sloppy outfit into a whole new level. Whether you are into leather, denim, blazers or varsity jackets, go ahead and have fun creating your personal style. Sebenarnya style ni pun simple juga. Just nice! pheww ッ

Get it now at Zalora!

                                                                           Choose the jacket with your personal styleツ
    Own now at Zalora MY. You can save your time from going into jam-packed malls and going through traffic as you look for items of clothing digitally. Plus you can get discounts, sales and the latest trends that will keep you wanting for more. Why would you want to wait and delay such golden opportunities?  

      You should just grab the bull by the horn and start purchasing the best products fom Zalora.

                           Get It Now Readers!

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